An interview with Charles Obah a film maker, actor and a movie director

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A chat with MR.Charles Obah


     Can we know you sir?

My name is Charles Obah, i am a film maker, a director and an actor.

Where do you come from?

Am a Nigerian from Anambra state to be precise, uke idemili north,LGA.

You are one of the old actors in the industry, what are the challenges you have,i mean being there for so long?

Yea, it has not been easy all this while being in the industry, but all the same we give glory to God almighty.Nigeria movie industry has passed through a list of challenges , but there is a saying that goes thus ”when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

You have act alongside with big actors, in different movies like wild and dirty, desperate man, breaking heart and so on. What made you leave the front camera to behind the camera?

Am not really behind the camera, as a director i also feature in some of my movies, i just finished a teenage movie titled ”Abuse” , which stars Serena Obah and others , i was also at the front camera. See i am not always behind the camera  *Smiles**.

Are you married?

Yes i am married, but i don’t discuss my private life.

What advice do you have for upcoming actors and actress ?

My advice to the upcoming ones is to remain focus, and be hardworking , go to school get ready to learn new things and be humble. Believe the sky will be your beginning point.

Lastly sir in one word, how has the movie industry affected your life, i mean positive or negative?

The movie industry has affected me positively, it is something i love doing so much, and i aspire to go higher and higher.

Thank you so much for your time sir?

You are welcome.

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